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How to improve the q?

發布時間:2019-12-24  瀏覽次數: 1694

How to improve the quality and life of the die fitting punch? I think this is the answer to any of the mold parts procurement doors.

First, let's take a look at the types of punches and materials used:

Punch: Also called punch needle, die, punch, punch, punch, die.

Type of punch: standard punch, B-type punch, A-type punch, tooth punch type A, tooth punch MP type, tooth punch SP type, guide punch BPP type, guide punch APP Type, conical punch, conical double-section punch, A-type three-stage punch, standard sub-crush, shaped punch, shaped punch is also called forming punch.

Forming punch: divided into SAD type four-corner punch, SAR type four-corner R punch, SAG-type double-sided punch, SAE-type elliptical punch, SAT-type triangular punch, SAS-type hexagonal punch. There are also fan-shaped punches, crescent punches and so on. Titanium plated punch:

The materials for the production of punches are: SKD-11, SKH-51, SKH-9, ASP-23, ASP-60, M42.

In recent years, the competition of the die punch manufacturing industry in the world has become more and more fierce. The ability of enterprises to provide customers with personalized high-quality products in a short period of time as low as possible has become a symbol of the competitiveness of enterprises. . The mold is called the father of industry. The quality of the punch parts of the mold parts will directly affect the quality, output, cost, production of new products and the renewal of old products, the adjustment speed of the product structure of the enterprise and the market competitiveness. The economic situation puts higher and higher requirements on the quality of die fitting punches. So how can we improve the quality of the die punch more reasonably? In other words, how can we make the die punch produce high-quality parts under the high-precision and low-cost parts for a longer time and more? This has become more and more the focus of attention. The quality of the die punch is not a simple topic, it includes the following aspects:

(1) Quality of die punch: stability and conformity of product size, smoothness of punch surface, utilization of punch material, etc.; in the design of mold structure, as compact as possible, easy to operate, and ensure the punch parts of the die There is sufficient strength and rigidity; when the die punch structure allows, the corners of each surface of the die punch parts should be designed as rounded transitions as much as possible to avoid stress concentration; for the die, cavity and part of the punch, core Combination or needle structure can be used to eliminate stress concentration, slender punch or core, and appropriate protective measures should be taken in the structure; for cold die, devices should be configured to prevent blockage of workpieces or scraps (such as: Pin, compressed air, etc.). At the same time, it is also necessary to consider how to reduce the impact on the quality of the die punch caused by the wear of the sliding fittings and the frequent impacting parts in long-term use.

(2) The service life of the die punch: the number of work cycles or the number of parts produced by the die punch under the premise of ensuring the quality of the punch;

(3) Maintenance and maintenance of the die punch: whether it is convenient to use, easy to demould, and the production auxiliary time is as short as possible;