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What are the key poi?

發布時間:2019-12-24  瀏覽次數: 1649

High-precision metal stamping die closed height debugging. High-precision metal stamping dies should be matched with the stamping equipment to ensure the closing height and opening height of high-precision metal stamping dies.

       Commissioning of the guiding mechanism. The guide post and guide bushing must have good matching precision to ensure smooth and reliable movement of high-precision metal stamping die.

       Convex and die cutting edge and clearance adjustment. The cutting edge is sharp and the gap should be even.

       Debugging of the positioning device. Positioning should be accurate and reliable.

       Commissioning of unloading and delivery devices. Unloading and unloading should be ensured to be smooth and free from sticking.

       The closing height, the cutting edge and the inter-test, the guiding mechanism, the positioning device, the unloading and the ejection device are the seven points of the precision metal stamping and debugging mold.